InterContinental Real Estate




InterContinental Real Estate Partners (ICRE Partners) is a full-service real estate and consulting firm whose principals and associates have extensive industry related experience. As a full services company we offer commercial brokerage services, property management, commercial real estate financing, and housing & community development consulting services. With the essential need for a more in-depth look at real estate acquisitions ICRE Partners also focuses on the due diligence underwriting/review of commercial and multifamily portfolios.

In response to the never-ending change to the market, InterContinental Real Estate Partners has brought together the expertise of real estate professionals who have worked successfully to coordinate private and public resources. The principals alone have more than 55 years experience of commercial real estate brokerage, with an emphases on Retail, Multifamily, Senior & Assisted Living, Office & Medical Office sales and leasing. Complimentary disciplines and services incorporated within ICRE Partners allows for seamless execution of commercial mortgage and mezzanine financing solutions, and our “newest” expansion in property management services for any of the aforementioned real estate classifications. The mission of InterContinental Real Partners is to offer a full range of real estate services that meet the needs of our clients; leading to becoming the number one fully integrated real estate firm in DFW.

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